Ziaja company

Ziaja company was established in 1989 by two pharmacists, Aleksandra and Zenon Ziaja. The aim was to create medicinal preparations and body care cosmetics with simple but effective formulas based on pharmaceutical experience and inspired by the coastal climate.

Today Ziaja is a brand which encompasses a wide range of modern products, designed to help all skin types and problems as well as to provide comprehensive personal care for the whole family.

As a producer of popular and well-known cosmetics, Ziaja is committed to the care of preserving the natural living conditions for future generations. We focus on environmentally friendly solutions throughout the whole production process. Ziaja success originates from hard work and enormous dedication as well as great enthusiasm and creativity.


All of our products are manufactured in two modern production plants with the total area of over 25,000 m². The plants are situated in a protected drinking water catchment area in Kaszuby.

At our disposal we have production halls, high bay warehouses and modern research facilities. Ziaja has its own vast laboratory base, including research and development, physicochemical and microbiological laboratories.

Ziaja pharmaceuticals and beauty care products are produced in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Ziaja is committed to preserving the energy and natural resources therefore the company puts maximum effort into organising its production in a sustainable way. Production processes are carried out using low-emission and high-performance sources of heat and cold. We are limiting the electricity consumption by replacing light sources with energy-saving LED lamps. We have our own industrial sewage treatment plant and the generated waste is used to produce electricity. A large amount of energy is obtained from a renewable source – a solar farm with the power of 100 kW.


ZIAJA means quality guarantee:

· Each formula is prepared with great care in accordance with the requirements of European Union cosmetic law.

· We use the highest quality ingredients of mainly natural origin.

· We use the environmentally-friendly, biodegradable ingredients.

· We apply continuous monitoring during and after production of our cosmetics, even after their introduction.

· The preservatives addition is minimalised to decrease the allergy risk “as much as necessary, but as little as possible”.

All Ziaja products are subjected to a variety of tests:

· physico-chemical, microbiological and stability tests,

· analysis of ingredients and mixtures used in terms of safety assessment,

· packaging tests and their compatibility with products formulas in vivo efficacy testing carried out with modern measuring equipment,

· dermatological and application tests conducted under the supervision of specialist doctors,

· product safety assessment carried out by experts in the certified institutions.


Our motto has always been: care for the health and well-being of our Customers. The basic measure of Ziaja success is their loyalty.

We are very proud that for these 3 decades Ziaja has gained such great trust and won over so many Customers who appreciate the high quality of our varied offer that allows them to select appropriate care products.

For all these years we have addressed the needs of our Customers who, from the very beginning, have been our source of unlimited inspiration and motivation.