Skin care starts from cleansing and removing makeup from the face and the eyes. Without a doubt, it is necessary to take care of the skin and cleansing has a huge impact on what your skin looks like now and what it will look like in the future. 

Manufacturers of cosmetics pay a lot of attention to face cleansing and the growing awareness of consumers is conducive to the development of innovative products and revolutionary technologies. Ongoing research and development results in many cutting-edge solutions, specialist ingredients and formulas. A range of varied cleansing and makeup removal products is expanded and the line between products with active care properties is often blurred. Cleansing cosmetics can be divided into rinse-off and leave-on cosmetics.  They include cleaning gels, foams, oils, scrubs, pastes, emulsions, toners, lotions, micellar water and eye makeup removers. Such products can be based on water, a micellar solution, an emulsion, oil or a two-phase formula. It is also worth mentioning tissues.  Cleansing products must first and foremost be highly effective, gentle on the skin and the eyes, contain natural ingredients and antioxidants, be simple and easy to use. Even more important features are related to the effects – cleansing products cannot disrupt the natural hydrolipidic layer and the pH of the skin.

Getting to know your skin and observing it makes it possible to properly select products intended for cleansing the skin and removing eye makeup. At different ages, the skin has different needs and problems. Sometimes skin problems require a dermatological treatment. They can also result from hormonal imbalance, an intense and stressful lifestyle, your work or environmental pollution, especially in industrial cities. Therefore, at the very first stage of skin care, manufacturers recommend products which meet specific requirements. 

Dry skin prone to irritation should be treated with leave-on products, such as lotions, gentle micellar water or light cleansing emulsions. In this case, there is a greater possibility of replenishing lipids that are necessary for the epidermis to perform its protective function and should be provided when you moisturise the skin.  To enjoy young and healthy skin for longer, avoid overdrying your skin and react when the epidermis feels tense. A similar cleansing routine is recommended for sensitive and over-reactive skin with dilated capillaries. In this case, it is consistent and regular skincare that brings results. It is worth opting for products intended for capillary, sensitive or reddened skin. Such products are usually based on micellar structures, not on irritating cleansing substances. They have gentle formulas with active ingredients that soothe redness and irritation.

Combination and oily skin prone to blackheads and acne requires a different approach. You still need to choose cleansing products that are gentle. However, you also need to reduce sebum production, preferably by using cleansing gels with antibacterial, astringent and gently exfoliating properties. Products that work great include cleansing pastes with natural clays that absorb sebum, minimise pores, reduce acne and soothe irritation. When you have oily skin problems, it is worth remembering about a toner, which restores the slightly acidic pH of skin. From experience, I recommend substances such as lactates and lactic acid, as well as substances of plant origin, such as the manuka leaf extract and the aspen bark extract (they contain natural ingredients with antibacterial properties). Normal skin gives us the most cosmetic freedom when it comes to cleansing. What is recommended are all cleansing products that do not wash out natural substances from the protective barrier of the epidermis. The products should be gentle and maintain the hydrolipid balance. 

Balance is very important; it is in tune not only with nature, but also with the nature of the skin. Therefore, it is worth taking care of balance at the initial stage of cleansing. It is easier when you know how to do it. When you cleanse the skin, it is best to focus on moisturising, more moisturising and even more moisturising.